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June 15, 2018

Summertime Essentials

The products I am going to share with you are by no means a “be all, end all”, but they are (from my experience) some exceptionally great products to help cut down on time in your summer months beauty routine. I will work through these products in the order that they would generally be applied to the skin, to make it somewhat easier to follow and if you want to skip a category, this should make it easier to do so.

Each of these products have been used or are currently used in my personal summer beauty routine (not necessarily all at once – but if I am going for more than a super natural look, then I might use them all). More than anything I hope this gives you a starting point if you are looking to find products that will work for you, while still protecting you, during the beautiful – but UV-bright – summertime!


My Summertime Essentials List*:

Category: Skin

1. Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Ultra Dark

Here is why I love this stuff: Over the years growing up as a teenage girl, I have tested a number of “tanning lotions”, none of which were that impressive. Also, I was never a fan of spray tans, since – to me – they still appear too unnatural. However, I am also very aware of the dangers and risks of tanning in a salon or even in the great outdoors.

In case you didn’t already know this… the sun is terrible for your skin! I know, shocker, right? It’s powerful UVA/UVB rays can do some serious damage. Don’t believe me? All you need to do is look up pictures of “too much sun exposure” or “sun poisoning” to get a glimpse of the horrors it can create for your skin. Now, the sun does benefit our health and I don’t want you to go live in a cave or anything, but just be aware that not everything about the sun is good for you – especially when you are spending more than 2 hours basking in it’s light.

So resulted my dilemma: I love a good tan, but am too health conscious (and skin conscious) to risk over-exposing either one to the elements.

Enter Loving Tan Bronzing Mousses.

I was a bit skeptical, but I read so many good reviews that I wanted to try it. Could these be the solution to my healthy tan problems? Yes. Guys, seriously this product is everything it promised to be. You know your tan looks perfectly natural when no one comments on it or mentions it, and instead probably just assumes you’ve been working in your garden a lot, or whatever. Yet, there is a noticeable enough difference that makes the product worth it and you legit LOOK TAN.

For real, this product is a great option for summer until you get that glow you’re looking for. It even fades completely naturally! I speak from experience, no splotches at all, no transfer, no gimmicks – just a perfect little tan. That you can use in the meantime until you achieve a real tan by using your SPF 30+ everyday! Each bottle gives you about 5 uses – depending on how much surface area you are covering or how much product you need to get your desired look. 

2. Paula’s Choice RESIST SPF 50 Moisturizer

Caveat: this moisturizer might not be the best one for your skin type (ex. if you have dry skin, choose a different Paula’s Choice SPF moisturizer), so use your own discretion.

I typically have combination skin (somewhat oily T-zone anyone?), but in the summer my skin can be a little more on the oily side (and in the winter it is a little more on the dry side). So this is my weapon of choice for getting all my moisturizing needs in the summer without feeling like I have a thick layer of slime all over my face.

Honestly, this moisturizer is so light and does not have a super strong SPF smell, but does boast a hefty SPF 50 in skin protection: yes, please!! It absorbs so well into the skin and leaves behind no residue (in my experience). Again, if you have dry skin, this will likely not be moisturizing enough for you as this is formulated for more combo-oily skin.

Paula’s Choice has an amazing return policy and will refund your money if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, that’s how much they believe in their product. Find what works for you, but please find a moisturizer with SPF and protect that beautiful skin God gave you!

3. MAC Cosmetics Pink Light Strobe Cream 

Now you might be thinking, “what in the world why is strobe cream on here?!”, but I promise it’s not what it sounds like. First of all, this does not apply pink to the skin and you won’t look pink either. So please, ignore the “pink” aspect of this title.

This also says “strobe cream” but I like to refer to it as healthy glow cream (which also happens to smell amazing!). I am not one to load shimmer of any kind on my face – seriously – it freaks me out and that’s why I have only a few curated highlighters in my MUA kit. I am not a crazy glitter/glow girl!!

Speaking of, this can be applied after everything else and double-up as a cream “highlighter” <– if you can even call it that?? because that is how non-shimmery this is!

However, this cream does wonders for the face! As a moisturizing base it replaces the need for a primer and is not at all sparkly – whatever “strobe” particles they use in this formula are impossible to see individually. Instead, they work as a perfectly cohesive base that adds a perfect hint of beautiful, natural, glistening glow. I have not found many – actually at this point any – other creams that boast “strobe” or “glow” that do not have noticeable shimmer. So this is certainly a keeper and something that I will wear all on it’s own with maybe a hint of concealer under the eyes. Worth checking out if you’re new to this product!

4. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Perfector

Aka photogenic skin tint! This is a great summer option because it includes SPF 25 (which if you are not moisturizing your skin with SPF, this is even more important). I feel like my skin tends to cooperate better in the warmer months, so I will definitely go for this over any sort of other coverage.

It truly does create a blurred tint skin effect which helps to even out skin tone (you may (will) still need some concealer though if you have dark under eye circles or a pompous blemish).

But for every day when you don’t care as much about looking totally 100% (or for when you want to get ready in 2 minutes), a little bit of this will be just what you were looking for to create that nice evened tone in a cinch! It also does photograph nicely and has a slightly dewy effect, again enhancing that natural summer glow.


Category: Face

5. Physician’s Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer

This stuff even smells like summer (which actually is not it’s greatest quality since fragrance isn’t good for your skin, but we can overlook that since it’s gorgeous and you only really apply a small amount to your face). I love this bronzer SO much, not only because it works but also because of it’s nice price point (not $$$).

A few swipes of this under those cheekbones, or on that forehead will leave you with a perfectly natural sun-kissed glow. Nothing sparkly, but it does have the ever-so-slightest satin finish which is great for completing the healthy glow look!

6. Make Up For Ever HD Cream Blush

When you want to look like you have a natural glow, cream or liquid-based products will be your best friend. This blush is no different! It also will leave you photo-ready with it’s HD properties. Some of my favorite shades are 225 (peachy, coraly) and 330 (rosy, pinky)!

Using a beauty blender, smudge some product on your sponge and then tap tap away until you have your desired coverage. Literally, it takes a few seconds and then you’re done! (Honestly, you could use your blender for every makeup product on here, if you are really looking to stream-line!).

It’s the perfect, naturally-blushed look – I promise! 🙂

7. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Pressed Micro-Finishing Powder

Pressed finishing powder is great to pack along in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups when the chilly 67 degree day turns into a 80 degree heat wave, and your skin is showing it. Perfect for a little dab here or dab there when you’re getting shiny in areas that you don’t want to be accentuated. Or if you are glowing too much and feel like you like you just ran at the gym (typically, yah don’t want that much glow!).

Truly a great all-around product that can be used in every season (not just summertime). The compact also include a nice size mirror for those who care about that.


Category: Eyes/Lips

8. Tarte Lid Lock Eye Base

Personally – for myself, not for my clients – I prefer this lid base (compared to MAC’s paint pot), but I appreciate MAC’s paint pots because they actually have a variety of shades to cater to a variety of skin tones (spot-on MAC!).

Any shade or brand of lid lock or a creamy eye base is a great option because it helps to brighten-up the eye area (especially great for summer!). Keeping the eye area light also creates a more “awake” type of look while evening out any discoloration. Using this also means that you don’t need to waste your concealer (often pricey) on your lids, but can keep it to concealing other areas of the face. Too, a lid base will last you a longggg time, even when used regularly.

Final reason this is great is because – again – this takes but a minute to apply for an easy-peasy bright look!

9. Tarte Volumizing Brow Powder

Since I desire to be authentic, I am featuring the brow powder I am currently using (and will probably be using for the next 6 months since this stuff lasts a long time and a little goes a long way (why I love powder!).

If nothing else, please define your brows! Your brows truly shape your face, and if you are going commando on the eyes, then your brows will add just the right amount of definition to compensate. Clean brows is the key to a clean, natural look!

They do not NOT need to be crazy, but at the least fill-out the arch and add definition to the bottom of your brow (but please avoid the inner part of your brows – unless absolutely necessary!).  If the Tarte doesn’t appeal to you or you want more shades to pick from, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duos are a wonderful option!

10. Shiseido Eyelash Curler

This is my favorite eyelash curler and it’s worth the price! For real, you will get a gorgeous curl to your lash using this (but make sure you remember to pump the curler while your lashes are inside). The key to making – dare I say it – any mascara work for you is this curler!!

A staple item at any time of year, but especially in summer when you’re going for a quick natural look. This curler will majorly create length by giving your lashes the lift they need.

11. L’Oreal Hydrofuge Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

A lot of people love this mascara, and I must admit, that is one of my favorites too! Mascara is a personal preference kind of product, but this mascara works for most people & it’s waterproof – a must for summertime!

Also, I will always tell you to wear black mascara – to those of you who lean towards brown – I promise black won’t bite you 😉 (exceptions being those with the fairest of fair complexions, you have my permission to rock brown)!

12. Sun Bum Lip Balm SPF 30

Confession: I am not huge into lips. I love picking colors for my clients, but I do not go crazy with lips on myself, especially in the summer when I’m in my “less is more” phase of beauty. I totally appreciate a good lip, so I’m sorry to disappoint those lip-lovers out there! However, some great companies that carry awesome lip colors are: Make Up For Ever, MAC Cosmetics, Tarte Cosmetics, & ELF (to name a few).

In light of my simple lips, even those lip-lovers can use this as a base before applying their lip color & please do because your lips are also made-up of sensitive skin! They, too, need protection from those harmful UVA/UVB rays. Sun Bum makes my favorite lip balm for summer because not only does it contain SPF 30 but it also smells/tastes good (bonus!).

For the rest of you who are like me, you can just apply this throughout the day as needed. I personally, love my natural pigmented lip color and am planning on rocking my natural lips as long as I can :). I feel like this balm nicely adds a slight shine that enhances whatever color your lips are already (but maybe I am biased because of the other good qualities).


The End.

Well folks, that’s all I have for you! Hope that’s a good starting point for your summertime essentials shopping. I will be enjoying these products on my upcoming vacation to the beach 

Feel free to comment below any of your own summertime favorites for a gorgeous summer glow in a cinch! I’d love to hear from yah! 🙂

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*I receive NO compensation or benefits from any of these brands for sharing about these products. I am simply speaking to the quality of products that I personally like. 

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