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March 8, 2018

12.10.17 – Huber Wedding

I will warn you right now that I am going to be sharing a million pictures from this gorgeous lady’s wedding. One because Kelly’s wedding day look & feel was absolutely breathtaking! Two because her photographer, Damien Weidner Photography, takes the most deep & moody photos ever (how can you not want to share them all?!).

For Kelly’s wedding, I was able to only focus on one area: makeup! I love both makeup and hair, but I appreciate the weddings where I am able to narrow my focus to one of these areas. Kelly has one of the most easy-going & bubbly personalities ever. These sweet qualities shined out of her when we did her bridal trial where she had me laughing and smiling literally the whole time (a true gem!).

Kelly gave me a lot of free reign for her look, which always makes me super excited and has me “geeking out” a little bit because the true creativity can flow! I love this kind of a bride because it means she truly trusts me to bring out her best and most natural beauty! For Kelly’s wedding, it looked like me trying something and then her confirming that she thought it looked great – which made her trial a breeze!

On her wedding day, she was radiant! One of my favorite parts of a bride’s wedding day is seeing their “look” completed with their dress and accessories. The whole picture is truly a priceless image! Included below are a few of Damien’s shots when Kelly got to first see herself as BRIDE.

Here are some more gorgeous bridals that Damien took of Kelly before she saw her groom!

After their first look, Kelly snuck off to find her groom and grace him with her beauty! Here are some gorgeous shots of them together! I LOVED Kelly’s inclusion of a faux fur wrap. If you are a winter bride, I highly recommend this accessory! It will not only make your pictures look that much more enchanting and elegant, but it will also help to keep you warm for those cold picture moments!

I had the privilege of doing Kelly’s makeup, but I also got to do her mother’s, sister’s and one of her bridesmaid’s makeup (who happens to be one of my dearest childhood friends)! A few pictures of their finished looks are included here:

Kelly’s look was so much fun to create! I loved how the warm contour with the orangey browns complimented her complexion perfectly! This is a wedding look that I will be saving in my memory for years to come in the hopes of someday being able to replicate it for another bride! *fingers crossed*

Kelly’s makeup lasted well into the night after lots of dancing and celebrating! A very important factor when it comes to wedding day makeup and I love when photographers snag a shot of a bride’s look, even at the end of their day! Here she is still looking awesome (even with flash)!


Thank you, Kelly, for a truly great experience completing the makeup for your big day!

fearfully & wonderfully, 

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