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August 30, 2017

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Whether it be your wedding day or a photoshoot, you will want to look your best – obvious, right?

What might be not-as-obvious is hiring a makeup artist or hair stylist to help you achieve your best look.

“I do my makeup and hair every day, why would I need someone else to do it for me for __insert event here__?”

This post shares with you three reasons you will want to scratch the popular “DIY” mode and entrust yourself to an experienced hair and makeup artist (HMUA).

Here we go!

1. Perspective

HMUA are trained professionals (whether self-taught or learned from an academy) who live and breathe face shapes, contours, color theory, skin care, etc. We have an eye for beauty that can provide a unique perspective to your “usual” hair or makeup routine.

I am a strong believer that most things are better when done in a community of people – it’s how we are made. We need each other. Hiring a HMUA gives you the benefit of a new perspective on your uniquely beautiful hair and face. A professional perspective that may be different than what you’re used to, and may impact how you choose to treat your skin/hair in the future.

Instead of trying to copy something you’ve seen somewhere else online or wherever, let your HMUA create a special look for you. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how beautiful you are in your own right! HMUA’s love creating unique looks for every client. Since God made us all different, the same makeup on a different face will still look totally unique. That is truly amazing! Essentially, a HMUA can provide you with a signature look that is 100% you because they have a gifted or trained perspective that is outside of your own.

2. Flawless

Let’s be honest. Most of us, when we wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, tend to see a few things that we’d rather not – does this strike a cord? It’s sad, but we have very flawed perspectives of ourselves and often focus on our “imperfections” rather than our exquisitely God-designed qualities.

Instead of a flaw-covering perspective, a HMUA provides you an unveiling perspective. I’m pretty sure I speak for the masses when I say that a HMUA seeks to unveil the beauty you already have instead of masking things you don’t like. In fact, I haven’t met any HMUA “maskers” yet (they might be out there) but they probably aren’t too popular.

HMUA’s generally have a “flawless” perspective and in my experience, the things clients tend to see as “flawed” are often practically imperceptible to an artist’s eye. Reason? Artists rally in the unique characteristics: unique is beautiful, not something to be covered up. However, don’t fear! Even though they don’t have a cover-all perspective, HMUA’s are trained to blend out those unnatural occurrences which exist from environmental stressors (dark circles anyone? stress blemishes? You bet I’m raising my hand!).

The key here is to realize that those annoying circles or spontaneous pimples are frustrating occurrences from environmental things and it’s okay to be a little bummed by them because – honestly – they can take away from your gorgeous natural face! BUT – a major but – your face shape, eye shape, lip size, skin tone, cheekbone height, hair part, hair color, hair length, etc. are all beautiful aspects of who you are! These things should not be hidden but rather celebrated, and HMUA’s love celebrating every single client’s beauty.

3. Stress-Free

I don’t think it’s any surprise that big events like weddings or parties can be stressful with all their decisions and butterflies. Yet, even a family photoshoot provides it’s fair share of tantrums and tears. Why put the added stress on yourself of deciding how to make yourself (and possibly those with you) look their best?

Enter HMUA. This kind of trained artist/stylist will take all the stress out of your day or event. Most HMUA’s offer a variety of packages depending on your needs, which can also make smaller events a more affordable price point. There are countless reviews everywhere which attest that hiring a HMUA is well worth the investment to have a more enjoyable time with family and friends.

A HMUA takes care of all “the look” details and, if they’re fairly dedicated, will write things down and/or take pictures at a trial to remember the products and colors that best fit you. Not only is this great for your scheduled event, but they also will keep this on record should you decide to come back for more stress-free pampering in the future!

Not to mention, what if you – doing it yourself – make a mistake day-of or are running late? A HMUA will keep you on schedule and work hard to have you ready by your scheduled time. Not to mention that they almost never make mistakes. You are their canvas and they are your artist. When you hire a HMUA, you can say goodbye to messy “mascara ridden eyelids” that require you to start your look over (dreadful to even think about!) and say hello to pretty eyes that are blended to perfection.


These are not all of the reasons you should hire a HMUA, but they are three major reasons to consider it! A new perspective, a flawless face, and a stress-free environment make hiring a HMUA practically essential. Who doesn’t want a personalized, perfected, and care-free experience?!

Fearfully & Wonderfully,

  1. Derek Dewitt says:

    My wife has a big interview coming up, so she is thinking about getting her hair styled beforehand. I like your point about how a stylist can take all the stress out of the styling because they are trained and won’t make any mistakes. This sounds like a great way to ensure she has the professional look she is going for.

    • fandw139 says:

      I highly recommend that she get her hair styled beforehand so that she has one less thing to think about or worry over. It would probably free her up to focus on doing her best in her interview!

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